Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Dane leaves for MTC! 
We left for the airport in the morning and got Dane's bags checked on just fine... one suitcase weighed in at 49.5 lbs. and the other at 50 lbs. Whew! It was a tough day and there were alot of tears. It was hard to let someone so wonderful and central to our family go! Graci Ann was our comic relief and told Brady: "No one wants to see you crying like that!" She also informed Dane: "You know you're going to be wearing those clothes tomorrow!" She heard this earlier and repeated it back to us: "If we didn't love each other so much this would be easier!" We are grateful for that Graci girl! We watched Dane go through security (We found out he takes a long time to get his shoes back on) and then we drove out by the golf course south of the airport. We parked the car and went out on the bike trail to take a picture of the airplane he was on. Dane called us when he got to Texas and said he ended up switching seats so a father could sit next to his son and that put him at a window seat and he could see us out the window waving at the plane! He pulled out his camera and took a picture of us! We can't wait to see it! He met up with about 9 other missionaries and they all gathered together and had a prayer and got something to eat before boarding the plane to Madrid. He had 9+ hours of flying and hopefully sleeping before they would arrive in Spain. We are sad and we miss him, yet we are happy to know his adventure as a missionary has begun!

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