Thursday, March 28, 2013

What's up mi familia?

What's up mi familia?!?! How's everyone doing? Thank you guys so much for the sweet note and letters for me on the plane! It was super sweet of y├íll!! You guys are the best and I love you all. The emailing here is kinda strict. We only get 30 min in the mtc and it feels like a time bomb ready to explode. But it is what it is. Happy Birthday to the big man Brock!! 12 man! I can't believe you are that old! Did you get anything sick? Guys honestly don’t worry about me. I frigin love it here!! Weird feelin but don’t get me wrong, it's tough out here but at the same time its awesome! My companion is elder Jacobsen. He's a pretty chill dood and he even knows Spencer! I love my district too! We got a little crew with me, e. Jacobsen, e. Curtis, and e. Bassett. I have been laughing every day here its so sick and I've made a ton of new friends! I'll be honest Spanish is so freakin hard to learn. I felt like I've learned a ton here but at the same time I feel like important stuff is being pushed out of my brain because I'm learning too much too fast! It's crazy, I can understand some stuff but at times I have no idea what peps are saying. Me and the companion have had to teach like 5 lessons to fake investigators all in espanol. Soooo stinking hard. They talk to you and you can understand what they are saying, but it feels way good to teach a solid lesson! We have jumped into it way faster than I thought we would. I gotta say I wasn’t the biggest basketball fan when I left but I love it here. I live for P.E. time haha! I'm actually decent at basketball compared to the others so its pretty fun for once haha! The food here is pretty interesting too. You go upstairs and never know what your gonna get. Could be some delicious chicken with potatos or nasty fish with weird soup. Its not too bad though. But breakfast is the same thing every day. I bought some belgian waffles at the store which are pretty good though. The classes here are so long and it's hard to focus. It’s a 16 hour day with reading and studying -soo much class!! Its hard but not too bad. All of my teachers are sick though and I love all of them especially Hermono Tyndale. He just got off his mish 8 months ago and he is the sickest dood ever!! His English acent and all! I love the mtc president here! He reminds me of grandpa McDermott. Easy going and nice. He´ll always wink at people and stuff haha. I was able to go to the temple last week and this morning. It is so nice to get away and relax for a bit. The temple is really nice here and the mtc is right next too it! I have learned a ton of Spanish here though for sure. I can say simple prayers, bear my testimony, and say simple phrases! Its crazy how fast I'm learning! I even had a dream that I was practicing praying in Spanish which at least I think I was speaking good!! I feel way blessed to be in the district I'm in though because I have made a lot of new homies! They have made the mtc fun and easier for me. It's tough but soo worth it out here!! Well I gotta go! I'll write a letter or somthing to answer questions and stuff but say sick and home and I love ya! By the way get Shirly (Dane's mountain bike) away asap!! Wanna keep my baby fresh! Plus be nice to my stuff and put it away. Skis and stuff… love you guys a ton and I miss ya!! P.S. sorry for no fotos! The temple was in English thank goodness! Haha Sorry my letter seems choppy I just throw stuff in I forget. Haha Just remember what the Kodiak says ¨when in doubt hammer out! Braaaaap!! I love you all so much and miss you! Thanks for all the sweet emails and such. I will definently respond better next week I promise! I printed your letters off to read em. I'll try to write a hand one too! i just need to get a couple more stamps. love you guys! Love the sickest elder ever Elder McDermott

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