Friday, April 5, 2013

Hola Everyone!

Hola everyone!
How's it going? I wanna know what's goin on at home so tell me!! I'll tell ya what I've been doin here. Sorry if it's kinda choppy and unorganized. I have a little note book and I write stuff down and I'm just gonna spit it up on here. The time here is freakin weird. It seems like I've been here forever but at the same time it goes by way fast! I forgot to tell you last week but this MTC is so sick cause on Saturdays we get to go out and proselyte in the park or on the streets. It's scary and hard but fun! I've been out twice and placed a couple Book of Mormons! And some pass along cards and such! I went with a guy named Elder Basset last week and he is freakin sick! He's in my district. On P days we get to go out on the town! Last P day we went to an old Egyptian temple and walked around! Went to McDonalds too! That tasted soo good! haha! Also took a nap last P day which was nice. I'm glad I'm at the Spain MTC cause we can go out and do stuff! You gotta tell Jason Anderson that his friend at work- Kevin Curtis´s son- is in my district. He is a homie! Funny stuff happens here at the MTC every day. Like Elder Curtis´ hair cuttin clippers almost catchin on fire and stuff. haha. And like accidentally takin a 2 hr nap instead of 1 when we had class. Thanks for that super sick flashlight mom! This sounds pretty lame but its way bright and nice and I love it! I don't know if you guys know but Spain had a time change on Sunday and we are now 8 hrs ahead so just a heads up! Davis! That's amazing you gotta 4.58 on the mile! Way to go man! Keep it up! This last Sunday I taught a lesson to my district and used my mish talk cause it was Easter and about the Atonement. Everyone loved my story! Easter was nice but fasting kinda sucked! We had a way good Easter devotional about Christ which was way good! The MTC is crazy though. I feel like I'm getting better at spainish but at the same time my spanish freakin blows. There is so much stuff to study and do it's crazy! I legit don't have time to do it all! Tell the Bakers thanks for the card and grandma thanks for the nice letter she wrote me! And tell Kathy and Katie thank you so much for the packages! I got two packages in a row! With cookies and candy! Tell them thank you soo much! I did have to pay 5 Euros to get one out of customs but it was worth it! Please tell them thank you!!!! We bought hot dogs and cooked them one time for dinner which was so good! The food is good and gross at the same time. I had shark this last week! It's such a surprise going up to the cafeteria cause you never know what you're gonna get. My comp is awesome! He went to Skyline High and gradated in ´10. He loves football and rugby. His spanish is the same as mine! Oh and P days I also go to the temple. I'm going in like t- 20. Love you guys!!
Me encanta mi familia y amigos. Yo se que el libro de mormon es verdadero y la inglesia es verdadero.
  Love elder McDermott!

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