Thursday, April 11, 2013

Que tal?!

Whats up guys! Hows everything at home? Things are goin pretty good here. Not gonna lie when I watched that first session of conference live I got way home sick. Seeing temple square and the wasatch front was hard. Plus after one of the sessions they were showin temples and I saw the Draper temple and corner canyon and I was like- that’s where I shred! Plus Sunday morning session (which was Sunday night for me) I knew you guys where at the cabin or somethin eatin an amazing breakfast and watchin conference. Kinda depressing and made me home sick but I'm over it now. Not gonna lie I got more out of that one general conference session that I have in my entire life. I know that makes me sound bad but I did. Brock you better look out man they were talkin a lot about deacons in conference. We also had a way good/spiritual testimony meeting after conference which was good. We are also watching the Sunday session tonight. Conference was way good and it was nice to take a break for a bit! I went proselytizing in the street on Saturday. I was with a temporary companion elder Fredrick. He's a hard worker no doubt! We talked to a ton of people and placed 2 Book of Mormons and we got one referral. The Spain MTC is super chill. We can even go out and go shopping and stuff! It's super sick! I got some ties for only 2.50 Euros each! We also got a district tie so everyone in my district has the same tie! There light blue and striped! Even our teacher got one Hermano Tyndale. Just 8 months off the mish and I can tell he was a good missionary. Plus he's a way good teacher in spanish and the gospel. He's comin to Utah for the first time ever this fall to go to BYU! Maybe you guys should have him over for dinner and he can tell ya all about spain and stuff! I love waking up a little early here and getting a nice swell on (workin out) It's nice. I'm doin more pushups and pull-ups than ever haha. I've been playin tons of soccer here too. I've scored like 2 goals so far. Kinda got lucky! Soccer's actually pretty fun though. Mom that snowball picture was from one day when it was hailing like crazy and we went outside and made a snowball pretty sick uh! I'm doin fine here- its hard but not too bad. I think the first few weeks in the field are gonna be the hardest. I'll tell you the funny story of the week real fast. K so there's this kid in our room (not in our district though) that prays for like legit around 30 minutes every night. Me and the crew- Jacobesn, Bassett, and Curtis (we run the MTC haha) decided that it would be funny to glue his closet door shut. So when he goes and gets his onesie pj's out he couldn’t. This kid is a saint he is super good and has never had like a coke or even a cell phone but we love him. Haha it was like 11 at night and all the lights are off and we glued it while he's prayin and when he gets up he tries to open the door a few time. He is so shocked he doesn’t really know what to do. So he just pops down on his knees again and prays for like 5 more minutes. Haha. He gets up and still can't open the door. So he just has to sleep in his other pjs. (he brought 2 pairs kinda weird but he did) in the morning he woke up and couldn’t get his suit and he was way puzzled lookin at the hinges and stuff. Elder Curtis is like' that’s wired' and starts to pop it open. He told him that someone probably came in at 11 when the doors unlock and glued it and he believed it haha. But legit that morning he was just sitting on his bed like 'that is the weirdest thing that has ever happened to me'. Puzzled out of his mind! Haha its all good now though. He's fine. It was pretty funny though. Hey there is a blog of a senor missionary couple here that are part of the MTC presidency and they have a blog with pictures if you wanna check it out its Enjoy! Don’t be sorry for long letters!!!!! I wanna hear everything at home and I have plenty of time to print stuff off and read it so no worries! Tell everyone to write me if they wanna! I love hearin from people. Love you guys and don’t worry about me here I'm doin fine!! Love you guys and miss ya!

Yo se que mi familia tienen mucho amor por mi! Y yo se que la inglesia de Jesu Cristo de los santos de los últimos días es verdadero!

Love Elder McDermott or they say over her "Mac -Dairmit

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