Friday, April 5, 2013

Answers to Questions

Hey I got that letter you sent me on Monday the 1st so it took a week. 

Tell people to be careful if they wanna send stuff cause it can be pricey sometimes to get things out of the customs.

Here are the answers to the questions you asked:

What is the food they serve for Breakfast and is there anything you like?

      Breakfast kinda sucks- usually I just have a toasted peanut butter sandwich and some little pastry things in a bag.

Are any other missionaries in your district from around here?

     Pretty much everyone is from Utah.  Elder Berry and Miles are from Alta, but a ton from the Salt Lake valley.

Are there any sister missionaries in your district or branch?  

     Two sisters- Noakes and Wirthlin.

Do you have a branch president and what is he like?


Did you get Kathy's package yet and what was in it? 

      Yes! and cookies! Plus Katie Cederholme sent me a package too with tons of candy!  I hope I don't get fat! haha! I've been sharin with the district though.

 What is a typical day like- what is your schedule? 

      Tons of class and study.  PE for like an hour to play soccer or something. Teachin investigators- not legit ones but the teachesr.  They speak all spanish though so i'ts pretty tough.  honestly i'ts soo hard to stay awake in class.  I feel tired from sittin at the time!

Do you have devotionals or firesides in the evenings or class?

     Yea on P days and Sundays. 

Tell us your most spiritual experience from this past week!

      Probably the Easter fireside. Me teachin thatEaster lesson or a little district testimony meetin- they were all good!  I felt the spirit way strong in all for ém!  Plus going to the temple every P day is awesome too!

Got some pics! Not all of em but some.  I sent some in my letter too so you'll see them in a bit!

Tell the girls thanks for the sweet notes and stuff! Love you all!


Love Elder McDermott

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