Thursday, April 25, 2013

Hey guys!!

Thank so much for that package I was so stoked to get it!! Lovin that beef jerky, granola bars and the pills haha! You know that you’re a missionary when you read your district a greenie quote that says ‘Adam fell….but he got right back up’! Honesty we had a good laugh at that one. Thanks Lily and Graci for the sweet pictures of rainbows! I have them hangin up in my room.
Today we played a competitive soccer match against the other zone. They were talkin a lot but we freakin whooped then 10 to 0! haha! they were way heated but you don’t mess with zone 1 the Ammon district! That’s my district! It was also fun to play soccer with some local Spanish boys on Saturday at some getto court. They were all about 13 to 14 years old and when we got there they were all smokin. We beat them and they were all hurt by getting beat by some crappy Americans haha! Honestly I freakin love soccer now! I'm not good at all but I've gotten better over the last 6 weeks! It’s a fun sport! Keep on playin hard Calli! The other day we where playin and elder Curtis jumped up for a header and some other kid jumped too and they collided in air. I'm pretty sure Curtis broke his nose but one of the teachers popped in back into place. It was bleeding like a faucet! Pretty crazy! I'm lovin soccer though!
OK here's my spiritual part I had this week. We watched a talk given to the Provo MTC back on January 15th 2013. It was by Elder Holland and it was one of the best talks ever!! He was talkin about how we have to convert ourselves before we can convert others and that we need to be obedient! When he said ‘this isn’t our first rodeo’ it got me super pumped!! (I'm gonna be in a rodeo with E. Curtis when I get back! Hee ha!) He was like loud at the pulpit! You guys should look it up and watch it cause I really liked it! We also got to watch the Joseph Smith movie on Sunday! I don’t think I've ever felt the spirit so strong during a movie. I've seen it a ton before but it was so different watching it in the MTC! It's cool to watch a video related to things we are teachin about. I don’t wanna sound weird but I loved when the bagpipes where being played at the end of the movie. I felt the spirit so strong and I felt/knew that Steve was there helping me along the way. It was a pretty neat experience to watch that movie in the MTC.
OK just for some random stuff. The cooks have gotten worse at cookin and the food has been up and down for the last few days. We bought food at the store one day and they got super mad at us but it's all good. We have new Italians here in the MTC that are going to Rome and Milan. They're pretty funny! There is one huge guy that is 6’7’’ and probably weighs 330 lbs. He is massive. He makes Elder Curtis look like a little boy!
Oh yea I almost forgot so say that I when I was proselytizing in the streets this week with E. Ellsworth. He is a pretty cool guy and a way hard worker! We placed 5 Book of Mormons and got 3 referrals! It was way fun and I felt like I was able to speak a lot of my little Spanish and I was able to understand a lot of stuff! It's pretty weird thinkin that I'm gonna be doin that for the next 2 years! But I love it and its super fun!!
That’s about all for today! I'll be able to email you guys on Monday though! We leave on Tuesday! Haha! Love you guys and thanks again for all the emails and all the letters and the package! You guys are the best! Talk to you in 4 days!!

Love Elder McDermott

Oh and I listened to the whole temple session in Spanish today! it was pretty crazy but I actually understood a ton of it! I love it! I love ya!

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