Thursday, April 18, 2013

What's up Everyone!?

What up everyone!?
How's it goin back in Utah! To respond to the last letter, tell Wayne and Katie and all the Cedarholms that I'm sorry and sendin prayers their way. Sounds like the weather in Utah is typical. Snowin one min and the super nice the next. It sounds nice enough if Graci is going around picking "dandy flyings". haha! that's sick that Brock is takin a robotics class and percussions! The pizza was so good last p day! I think I legit ate 2 whole medium pizzas! So nice gettin a little taste of home! The food isn't bad here but it's not the best. Pretty much everything is fried or cooked in oil. I've had some pretty crazy stuff though! This week I had steak which was amazing, had some fried squid tentacles which was freakin gross but I also had some swordfish. Not gonna lie it was probably the best fish I've ever had. Ate the whole thing. It's weird I'm startin to like fish and ranch dressing more. I've been givin my district some of my chocolate and candy though so I don't feel sick and get fat. haha. I'm wakin up early most mornings though to work out so it's all good. The MTC president reminds me of grandpa McDermott. Easy going and a spiritual guy. I sat by him in the temple once and he even patted my leg as grandpa would! I went proselytizing in the park this week with Elder Smith. I went with him the first week in a 3- some so I knew him pretty well. He's a pretty chill dude and he's goin to Barcelona too! We placed two BOM's which was cool. We talked to this old guy for a legit 20 minutes. He was so funny but me and Smith only understood like 90 percent of the conversation. He had us sit by him and he would say stuff and look at us. We would sit there and look stupid cause we didn't know what he was sayin. Then he would laugh and bum me on the shoulder. It made me realize how bad I am at Spanish but it's all good. I do alright teaching the fake investigators here in the MTC. The lessons are completely in Spanish and I can pretty much understand everything they say. But they speak clear, slow, and simple. Teachin is hard but it's so fun to teach the gospel and be lead by the spirit in what to say. This Sundays Sacrament meeting was pretty sketchy. I was called in Sacrament meeting to give a 5 minute talk on faith. I had prepared before cause they don't tell you who is gonna speak but I didn't think it was gonna be me. Well guess what, it was. My talk was pretty choppy and my pronunciation sucked but it was 5 minutes. I did copy like half of it out of preach my gospel. haha. It wasn't the best Spanish talk that day but it was the longest! ha! I need to work on my pronunciation for sure though. All 'n all it wasn't that bad though. Calli that is sweet that your soccer is startin up! Every day for P.E. I play soccer. Well it's actually 'futbol' but it's way fun! Except when retards kick your shins. It freakin hurts! I'm not that good but it's fun and I have scored a few goals! Thanks for those letters and pictures!! Please send more I loved it! So fun to see those pics! Brock that was a sweet Duramax you drew man!! And thank you girls for the pics I have them hangin up in my room! Can you sent me one of Sherly please!! I'm missin her like crazy right now. ( Mom's insert: Sherly is his mountain bike!) I don't have really any super funny stories or at least ones I can remember but I will tell you a fun studying session we had! We had a coin and we played bloody knuckles with it but with a twist. We would do the regular spinning the coin thing and whoever knocked it over or couldn't keep it going, lost. Someone would show that person a Spanish word on a flash card and we would have to say the word meant. If you couldn't say it in like 7-8 seconds than you would get a coin flyin right into your knuckles! haha! I got cut a few time and was bleedin but I'm fine now that the scabs are gone. haha. Another fun thing we did in our spare time is playin a flickin game. What you do is get a deck of cards (we made some) and shuffle them up. During this game you must be completely quiet. You lay down two cards. Whosever turn it is can either knock to take the hand, or pass. If you take the hand, the dealer lays down the next card. If it's between the two numbers on the first cards you get to flip everyone in the forehead as hard as you can. If the card is outside of the numbers everyone gets to flick you as hard as they can. And if you laugh or make a sound you get flipped in the head by the people next to you. haha. I'm good at the not laughin part but let's just say that my forehead was a bit sore in the morning. haha. HAPPY BRITHDAY TO LILY!!! I hope you have a good birthday tomorrow! I wish I could be there! you got to write and tell me what you get. To answer some questions. I leave for Barcelona in a week from Tuesday. I can't believe it but it's almost here! It's gonna be way different in the field! Don't worry about me here I'm doin fine. My little spiritual bit will be that the spirit is really helpin me out here. You know how I used to get super stressed? Mom knows really well all those drives down to Provo to look at stupid clothes. haha. I haven't been really stressed out here! Living with a few guys for 24/7 can be rough but I have been able to keep my cool and I believe it's because the Holy Ghost has helped me tons not to get stressed! So don't ya worry and just keep on havin fun in Utah!
Love you guys, Love Elder McDermott

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