Thursday, April 25, 2013

Hey guys!!

Thank so much for that package I was so stoked to get it!! Lovin that beef jerky, granola bars and the pills haha! You know that you’re a missionary when you read your district a greenie quote that says ‘Adam fell….but he got right back up’! Honesty we had a good laugh at that one. Thanks Lily and Graci for the sweet pictures of rainbows! I have them hangin up in my room.
Today we played a competitive soccer match against the other zone. They were talkin a lot but we freakin whooped then 10 to 0! haha! they were way heated but you don’t mess with zone 1 the Ammon district! That’s my district! It was also fun to play soccer with some local Spanish boys on Saturday at some getto court. They were all about 13 to 14 years old and when we got there they were all smokin. We beat them and they were all hurt by getting beat by some crappy Americans haha! Honestly I freakin love soccer now! I'm not good at all but I've gotten better over the last 6 weeks! It’s a fun sport! Keep on playin hard Calli! The other day we where playin and elder Curtis jumped up for a header and some other kid jumped too and they collided in air. I'm pretty sure Curtis broke his nose but one of the teachers popped in back into place. It was bleeding like a faucet! Pretty crazy! I'm lovin soccer though!
OK here's my spiritual part I had this week. We watched a talk given to the Provo MTC back on January 15th 2013. It was by Elder Holland and it was one of the best talks ever!! He was talkin about how we have to convert ourselves before we can convert others and that we need to be obedient! When he said ‘this isn’t our first rodeo’ it got me super pumped!! (I'm gonna be in a rodeo with E. Curtis when I get back! Hee ha!) He was like loud at the pulpit! You guys should look it up and watch it cause I really liked it! We also got to watch the Joseph Smith movie on Sunday! I don’t think I've ever felt the spirit so strong during a movie. I've seen it a ton before but it was so different watching it in the MTC! It's cool to watch a video related to things we are teachin about. I don’t wanna sound weird but I loved when the bagpipes where being played at the end of the movie. I felt the spirit so strong and I felt/knew that Steve was there helping me along the way. It was a pretty neat experience to watch that movie in the MTC.
OK just for some random stuff. The cooks have gotten worse at cookin and the food has been up and down for the last few days. We bought food at the store one day and they got super mad at us but it's all good. We have new Italians here in the MTC that are going to Rome and Milan. They're pretty funny! There is one huge guy that is 6’7’’ and probably weighs 330 lbs. He is massive. He makes Elder Curtis look like a little boy!
Oh yea I almost forgot so say that I when I was proselytizing in the streets this week with E. Ellsworth. He is a pretty cool guy and a way hard worker! We placed 5 Book of Mormons and got 3 referrals! It was way fun and I felt like I was able to speak a lot of my little Spanish and I was able to understand a lot of stuff! It's pretty weird thinkin that I'm gonna be doin that for the next 2 years! But I love it and its super fun!!
That’s about all for today! I'll be able to email you guys on Monday though! We leave on Tuesday! Haha! Love you guys and thanks again for all the emails and all the letters and the package! You guys are the best! Talk to you in 4 days!!

Love Elder McDermott

Oh and I listened to the whole temple session in Spanish today! it was pretty crazy but I actually understood a ton of it! I love it! I love ya!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

This week's pictures!

Blue Sky Day

Chillin' on top of Madrid with my super sick skinny tie!

Elder Russell and his onesie PJs!

Just postin' up with E. Curtis

Looks like I might be able to ski next P-day!

Me and my teacher Hermano Tyndale

My District

One more of me!

With E. Bassett

The MTC President and his wife

What's up Everyone!?

What up everyone!?
How's it goin back in Utah! To respond to the last letter, tell Wayne and Katie and all the Cedarholms that I'm sorry and sendin prayers their way. Sounds like the weather in Utah is typical. Snowin one min and the super nice the next. It sounds nice enough if Graci is going around picking "dandy flyings". haha! that's sick that Brock is takin a robotics class and percussions! The pizza was so good last p day! I think I legit ate 2 whole medium pizzas! So nice gettin a little taste of home! The food isn't bad here but it's not the best. Pretty much everything is fried or cooked in oil. I've had some pretty crazy stuff though! This week I had steak which was amazing, had some fried squid tentacles which was freakin gross but I also had some swordfish. Not gonna lie it was probably the best fish I've ever had. Ate the whole thing. It's weird I'm startin to like fish and ranch dressing more. I've been givin my district some of my chocolate and candy though so I don't feel sick and get fat. haha. I'm wakin up early most mornings though to work out so it's all good. The MTC president reminds me of grandpa McDermott. Easy going and a spiritual guy. I sat by him in the temple once and he even patted my leg as grandpa would! I went proselytizing in the park this week with Elder Smith. I went with him the first week in a 3- some so I knew him pretty well. He's a pretty chill dude and he's goin to Barcelona too! We placed two BOM's which was cool. We talked to this old guy for a legit 20 minutes. He was so funny but me and Smith only understood like 90 percent of the conversation. He had us sit by him and he would say stuff and look at us. We would sit there and look stupid cause we didn't know what he was sayin. Then he would laugh and bum me on the shoulder. It made me realize how bad I am at Spanish but it's all good. I do alright teaching the fake investigators here in the MTC. The lessons are completely in Spanish and I can pretty much understand everything they say. But they speak clear, slow, and simple. Teachin is hard but it's so fun to teach the gospel and be lead by the spirit in what to say. This Sundays Sacrament meeting was pretty sketchy. I was called in Sacrament meeting to give a 5 minute talk on faith. I had prepared before cause they don't tell you who is gonna speak but I didn't think it was gonna be me. Well guess what, it was. My talk was pretty choppy and my pronunciation sucked but it was 5 minutes. I did copy like half of it out of preach my gospel. haha. It wasn't the best Spanish talk that day but it was the longest! ha! I need to work on my pronunciation for sure though. All 'n all it wasn't that bad though. Calli that is sweet that your soccer is startin up! Every day for P.E. I play soccer. Well it's actually 'futbol' but it's way fun! Except when retards kick your shins. It freakin hurts! I'm not that good but it's fun and I have scored a few goals! Thanks for those letters and pictures!! Please send more I loved it! So fun to see those pics! Brock that was a sweet Duramax you drew man!! And thank you girls for the pics I have them hangin up in my room! Can you sent me one of Sherly please!! I'm missin her like crazy right now. ( Mom's insert: Sherly is his mountain bike!) I don't have really any super funny stories or at least ones I can remember but I will tell you a fun studying session we had! We had a coin and we played bloody knuckles with it but with a twist. We would do the regular spinning the coin thing and whoever knocked it over or couldn't keep it going, lost. Someone would show that person a Spanish word on a flash card and we would have to say the word meant. If you couldn't say it in like 7-8 seconds than you would get a coin flyin right into your knuckles! haha! I got cut a few time and was bleedin but I'm fine now that the scabs are gone. haha. Another fun thing we did in our spare time is playin a flickin game. What you do is get a deck of cards (we made some) and shuffle them up. During this game you must be completely quiet. You lay down two cards. Whosever turn it is can either knock to take the hand, or pass. If you take the hand, the dealer lays down the next card. If it's between the two numbers on the first cards you get to flip everyone in the forehead as hard as you can. If the card is outside of the numbers everyone gets to flick you as hard as they can. And if you laugh or make a sound you get flipped in the head by the people next to you. haha. I'm good at the not laughin part but let's just say that my forehead was a bit sore in the morning. haha. HAPPY BRITHDAY TO LILY!!! I hope you have a good birthday tomorrow! I wish I could be there! you got to write and tell me what you get. To answer some questions. I leave for Barcelona in a week from Tuesday. I can't believe it but it's almost here! It's gonna be way different in the field! Don't worry about me here I'm doin fine. My little spiritual bit will be that the spirit is really helpin me out here. You know how I used to get super stressed? Mom knows really well all those drives down to Provo to look at stupid clothes. haha. I haven't been really stressed out here! Living with a few guys for 24/7 can be rough but I have been able to keep my cool and I believe it's because the Holy Ghost has helped me tons not to get stressed! So don't ya worry and just keep on havin fun in Utah!
Love you guys, Love Elder McDermott

Thursday, April 11, 2013

More Pictures!

The crew today

Going to Retiro Park

Getting ready to sing

El Templo

Just some street

Stolen chair in our room

Que tal?!

Whats up guys! Hows everything at home? Things are goin pretty good here. Not gonna lie when I watched that first session of conference live I got way home sick. Seeing temple square and the wasatch front was hard. Plus after one of the sessions they were showin temples and I saw the Draper temple and corner canyon and I was like- that’s where I shred! Plus Sunday morning session (which was Sunday night for me) I knew you guys where at the cabin or somethin eatin an amazing breakfast and watchin conference. Kinda depressing and made me home sick but I'm over it now. Not gonna lie I got more out of that one general conference session that I have in my entire life. I know that makes me sound bad but I did. Brock you better look out man they were talkin a lot about deacons in conference. We also had a way good/spiritual testimony meeting after conference which was good. We are also watching the Sunday session tonight. Conference was way good and it was nice to take a break for a bit! I went proselytizing in the street on Saturday. I was with a temporary companion elder Fredrick. He's a hard worker no doubt! We talked to a ton of people and placed 2 Book of Mormons and we got one referral. The Spain MTC is super chill. We can even go out and go shopping and stuff! It's super sick! I got some ties for only 2.50 Euros each! We also got a district tie so everyone in my district has the same tie! There light blue and striped! Even our teacher got one Hermano Tyndale. Just 8 months off the mish and I can tell he was a good missionary. Plus he's a way good teacher in spanish and the gospel. He's comin to Utah for the first time ever this fall to go to BYU! Maybe you guys should have him over for dinner and he can tell ya all about spain and stuff! I love waking up a little early here and getting a nice swell on (workin out) It's nice. I'm doin more pushups and pull-ups than ever haha. I've been playin tons of soccer here too. I've scored like 2 goals so far. Kinda got lucky! Soccer's actually pretty fun though. Mom that snowball picture was from one day when it was hailing like crazy and we went outside and made a snowball pretty sick uh! I'm doin fine here- its hard but not too bad. I think the first few weeks in the field are gonna be the hardest. I'll tell you the funny story of the week real fast. K so there's this kid in our room (not in our district though) that prays for like legit around 30 minutes every night. Me and the crew- Jacobesn, Bassett, and Curtis (we run the MTC haha) decided that it would be funny to glue his closet door shut. So when he goes and gets his onesie pj's out he couldn’t. This kid is a saint he is super good and has never had like a coke or even a cell phone but we love him. Haha it was like 11 at night and all the lights are off and we glued it while he's prayin and when he gets up he tries to open the door a few time. He is so shocked he doesn’t really know what to do. So he just pops down on his knees again and prays for like 5 more minutes. Haha. He gets up and still can't open the door. So he just has to sleep in his other pjs. (he brought 2 pairs kinda weird but he did) in the morning he woke up and couldn’t get his suit and he was way puzzled lookin at the hinges and stuff. Elder Curtis is like' that’s wired' and starts to pop it open. He told him that someone probably came in at 11 when the doors unlock and glued it and he believed it haha. But legit that morning he was just sitting on his bed like 'that is the weirdest thing that has ever happened to me'. Puzzled out of his mind! Haha its all good now though. He's fine. It was pretty funny though. Hey there is a blog of a senor missionary couple here that are part of the MTC presidency and they have a blog with pictures if you wanna check it out its Enjoy! Don’t be sorry for long letters!!!!! I wanna hear everything at home and I have plenty of time to print stuff off and read it so no worries! Tell everyone to write me if they wanna! I love hearin from people. Love you guys and don’t worry about me here I'm doin fine!! Love you guys and miss ya!

Yo se que mi familia tienen mucho amor por mi! Y yo se que la inglesia de Jesu Cristo de los santos de los últimos días es verdadero!

Love Elder McDermott or they say over her "Mac -Dairmit

Friday, April 5, 2013

With E. Curtis

I can't get these turned right!

Pictures from Spain!

Calling home between flights


Just looking sick!

Me and Elder Jacobsen

My new favorite Subway!


Sunrise in Spain


We're here!

Answers to Questions

Hey I got that letter you sent me on Monday the 1st so it took a week. 

Tell people to be careful if they wanna send stuff cause it can be pricey sometimes to get things out of the customs.

Here are the answers to the questions you asked:

What is the food they serve for Breakfast and is there anything you like?

      Breakfast kinda sucks- usually I just have a toasted peanut butter sandwich and some little pastry things in a bag.

Are any other missionaries in your district from around here?

     Pretty much everyone is from Utah.  Elder Berry and Miles are from Alta, but a ton from the Salt Lake valley.

Are there any sister missionaries in your district or branch?  

     Two sisters- Noakes and Wirthlin.

Do you have a branch president and what is he like?


Did you get Kathy's package yet and what was in it? 

      Yes! and cookies! Plus Katie Cederholme sent me a package too with tons of candy!  I hope I don't get fat! haha! I've been sharin with the district though.

 What is a typical day like- what is your schedule? 

      Tons of class and study.  PE for like an hour to play soccer or something. Teachin investigators- not legit ones but the teachesr.  They speak all spanish though so i'ts pretty tough.  honestly i'ts soo hard to stay awake in class.  I feel tired from sittin at the time!

Do you have devotionals or firesides in the evenings or class?

     Yea on P days and Sundays. 

Tell us your most spiritual experience from this past week!

      Probably the Easter fireside. Me teachin thatEaster lesson or a little district testimony meetin- they were all good!  I felt the spirit way strong in all for ém!  Plus going to the temple every P day is awesome too!

Got some pics! Not all of em but some.  I sent some in my letter too so you'll see them in a bit!

Tell the girls thanks for the sweet notes and stuff! Love you all!


Love Elder McDermott

Hola Everyone!

Hola everyone!
How's it going? I wanna know what's goin on at home so tell me!! I'll tell ya what I've been doin here. Sorry if it's kinda choppy and unorganized. I have a little note book and I write stuff down and I'm just gonna spit it up on here. The time here is freakin weird. It seems like I've been here forever but at the same time it goes by way fast! I forgot to tell you last week but this MTC is so sick cause on Saturdays we get to go out and proselyte in the park or on the streets. It's scary and hard but fun! I've been out twice and placed a couple Book of Mormons! And some pass along cards and such! I went with a guy named Elder Basset last week and he is freakin sick! He's in my district. On P days we get to go out on the town! Last P day we went to an old Egyptian temple and walked around! Went to McDonalds too! That tasted soo good! haha! Also took a nap last P day which was nice. I'm glad I'm at the Spain MTC cause we can go out and do stuff! You gotta tell Jason Anderson that his friend at work- Kevin Curtis´s son- is in my district. He is a homie! Funny stuff happens here at the MTC every day. Like Elder Curtis´ hair cuttin clippers almost catchin on fire and stuff. haha. And like accidentally takin a 2 hr nap instead of 1 when we had class. Thanks for that super sick flashlight mom! This sounds pretty lame but its way bright and nice and I love it! I don't know if you guys know but Spain had a time change on Sunday and we are now 8 hrs ahead so just a heads up! Davis! That's amazing you gotta 4.58 on the mile! Way to go man! Keep it up! This last Sunday I taught a lesson to my district and used my mish talk cause it was Easter and about the Atonement. Everyone loved my story! Easter was nice but fasting kinda sucked! We had a way good Easter devotional about Christ which was way good! The MTC is crazy though. I feel like I'm getting better at spainish but at the same time my spanish freakin blows. There is so much stuff to study and do it's crazy! I legit don't have time to do it all! Tell the Bakers thanks for the card and grandma thanks for the nice letter she wrote me! And tell Kathy and Katie thank you so much for the packages! I got two packages in a row! With cookies and candy! Tell them thank you soo much! I did have to pay 5 Euros to get one out of customs but it was worth it! Please tell them thank you!!!! We bought hot dogs and cooked them one time for dinner which was so good! The food is good and gross at the same time. I had shark this last week! It's such a surprise going up to the cafeteria cause you never know what you're gonna get. My comp is awesome! He went to Skyline High and gradated in ´10. He loves football and rugby. His spanish is the same as mine! Oh and P days I also go to the temple. I'm going in like t- 20. Love you guys!!
Me encanta mi familia y amigos. Yo se que el libro de mormon es verdadero y la inglesia es verdadero.
  Love elder McDermott!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

What's up mi familia?

What's up mi familia?!?! How's everyone doing? Thank you guys so much for the sweet note and letters for me on the plane! It was super sweet of yáll!! You guys are the best and I love you all. The emailing here is kinda strict. We only get 30 min in the mtc and it feels like a time bomb ready to explode. But it is what it is. Happy Birthday to the big man Brock!! 12 man! I can't believe you are that old! Did you get anything sick? Guys honestly don’t worry about me. I frigin love it here!! Weird feelin but don’t get me wrong, it's tough out here but at the same time its awesome! My companion is elder Jacobsen. He's a pretty chill dood and he even knows Spencer! I love my district too! We got a little crew with me, e. Jacobsen, e. Curtis, and e. Bassett. I have been laughing every day here its so sick and I've made a ton of new friends! I'll be honest Spanish is so freakin hard to learn. I felt like I've learned a ton here but at the same time I feel like important stuff is being pushed out of my brain because I'm learning too much too fast! It's crazy, I can understand some stuff but at times I have no idea what peps are saying. Me and the companion have had to teach like 5 lessons to fake investigators all in espanol. Soooo stinking hard. They talk to you and you can understand what they are saying, but it feels way good to teach a solid lesson! We have jumped into it way faster than I thought we would. I gotta say I wasn’t the biggest basketball fan when I left but I love it here. I live for P.E. time haha! I'm actually decent at basketball compared to the others so its pretty fun for once haha! The food here is pretty interesting too. You go upstairs and never know what your gonna get. Could be some delicious chicken with potatos or nasty fish with weird soup. Its not too bad though. But breakfast is the same thing every day. I bought some belgian waffles at the store which are pretty good though. The classes here are so long and it's hard to focus. It’s a 16 hour day with reading and studying -soo much class!! Its hard but not too bad. All of my teachers are sick though and I love all of them especially Hermono Tyndale. He just got off his mish 8 months ago and he is the sickest dood ever!! His English acent and all! I love the mtc president here! He reminds me of grandpa McDermott. Easy going and nice. He´ll always wink at people and stuff haha. I was able to go to the temple last week and this morning. It is so nice to get away and relax for a bit. The temple is really nice here and the mtc is right next too it! I have learned a ton of Spanish here though for sure. I can say simple prayers, bear my testimony, and say simple phrases! Its crazy how fast I'm learning! I even had a dream that I was practicing praying in Spanish which at least I think I was speaking good!! I feel way blessed to be in the district I'm in though because I have made a lot of new homies! They have made the mtc fun and easier for me. It's tough but soo worth it out here!! Well I gotta go! I'll write a letter or somthing to answer questions and stuff but say sick and home and I love ya! By the way get Shirly (Dane's mountain bike) away asap!! Wanna keep my baby fresh! Plus be nice to my stuff and put it away. Skis and stuff… love you guys a ton and I miss ya!! P.S. sorry for no fotos! The temple was in English thank goodness! Haha Sorry my letter seems choppy I just throw stuff in I forget. Haha Just remember what the Kodiak says ¨when in doubt hammer out! Braaaaap!! I love you all so much and miss you! Thanks for all the sweet emails and such. I will definently respond better next week I promise! I printed your letters off to read em. I'll try to write a hand one too! i just need to get a couple more stamps. love you guys! Love the sickest elder ever Elder McDermott

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Double Letter Email

This letter from Dane is hard to read because the keyboard put in two letters for every one that he typed. Good luck reading! :)

 mmyy ccoommpp hhaadd ttoo eemmaaiill hhiiss ffaammiillyy ttoo ssoo ii ddeecciiddeedd ttoo eemmaaiill yyoouu aaggaaiinn. tthhiiss kkeeyybbooaarrdd ssuucckkss aa bbiigg oonn ccaassuuee iitt ppuuttttss eevveerryy lleetttteerr ttwwiiccee. tthhiinnkk ooff iitt aass aa ppuuzzzzllee. hhaahhaa ii hhaavvee ssttuuffff ii wwaannnnaa tteellll yyoouu gguuyyss bbuutt ssoommeettiimmeess ii ffoorrggeett. ii wwaannnnaa wwrriittee iinn mmyy jjoouurrnnaall aa ttoonn aanndd kkeeeepp aa nnoott bbooookk wwiitthh tthhiinnggss ttoo rreemmiinndd mmee wwhhaatt ttoo tteellll yyoouu. tthhee mmttcc iiss kkiinnddaa ddiissoorrggiinniizzeedd aanndd aallll bbuutt iittss nnootttt ttoo bbaadd. tthhiiss ddaayy hhaass sseeeemmeedd pprreettttyy lloonngg aanndd tthheerreess aa bbuunncchh ooff ssttuuff tthhaatt ii ggoonnnnaa hhaavvee ttoo ddoo tthhaatt ii ddoonntt wwaannnnaa ddoo. ttooddaayy wwaass pprreettttyy eeaassyy bbuutt ii ccaann aallrreeaaddyy tteellll tthhaatt tthhiiss lleeaanniinn ssppaanniisshh iiss ggoonnnnaa kkiillll mmee bbuutt jjuusstt aa kkooddyy ssaayyss ""wwhheenn iinn ddoouubbtt hhaammmmeerr oouutt!!"" bbrraaaaaapp. tteellll cclliinntt iimm wwaayy ssoorrrryy aanndd ggeett hhiiss eemmaaiill aanndd ggiivvee iitt ttoo mmee ssoo ii ccaann eemmaaiill hhiim aanndd tteellll hhiimm ssoorrrryy. aallssoo ggiivvee mmee ccllaarrkkss eemmaaiill. hhoonneessttyy tthhoo eevveerryy tthhiinngg iiss ssoo sscchheedduuaalleedd tthhaatt ii ddoonntt tthhiinnkk iillll hhaavvee mmuucchh ttiimmee ttoo ddoo aannyytthhiinngg. iittss ccrraazzyy hhooww lliittttllee ttiimmee tthheeyy ggiivvee yyoouu ttoo ddoo tthhiinnggss. hhooppeeffuullllyy iillll bbee aaaabbllee ttoo sshhoowweerr aassaapp. ssppaaiinn iiss nniiccee tthhoo oouutt ssiiddee ffeellllss rreeaallllyy ggoooodd ii jjuusstt ccaanntt wwaaiitt ffoorr ssppoorrttss ttiimmee!!!! iimm rroooommiinn wwiitthh ssiixx gguuyyss aanndd tthhee rroooommss aarree pprreettttyy nniiccee. ssoorrrryy iiff mmyy lleetttteerrss sseeeemm jjuummbblleedd ii jjuusstt rreemmeemmbbeerr ssttuuffff aanndd tthhrrooww iitt iinn!!!! ii hhaavvee ttoo wwrriittee aa 55 mmiinn ttaallkk ffoorr eevveerryy ssuunnddaayy iinn ssppaanniisshh ssoo wwee ccaann ttaallkk aatt rraannddoomm. iittss ggoonnnnaa bbee hhaarrdd. tthhiinnkk ooff yyoouu gguuyyss,, sslleeddiinn,, sskkiiiinngg,, bbiikkiinngg,, ttrruucckkss,, hhaahhaa hhaass hheellppeedd mmee tthhrroouugghh ttooddaayy. tt ddoonntt kknnooww iiff ii aallrreeaaddyy ssaaiidd bbuutt ii ggeett ttoo ggoo ttoo tthhee tteemmppllee ttoommoorrrrooww. ii tthhiinnkk tthhaatt wwiillll hheellpp ccaallmm mmee ddoowwnn. loovvee yyoouu gguuyyss aanndd hhooppeeffuullllyy iill bbee aabbllee ttoo eemmaaiill yyoouu aaggaaiinn ttoommmmoorrww aanndd ii wwoonntt hhaavvee ccrraazzyy ddoouubbllee lleetttteerrss. ii lloovvee yyoouu ssoo mmuucchh!!!! lloovvee eellddeerr MMccDDeerrmmootttt

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I'm Here!

Hi guys im here. its freakin weird that im gone. Its a cool but wired feeling at the same time. like is said i saw you guys on the plane. hopefully ill be able to send pic tomorrow on my p day. p days are on thursday. my comp it elder jacobsen. i slept like a baby on the plane. it wasnt even that bad at all but i dont like american airlines. the food was dec. honeslty i feel like im gonna lose some lbs. i had lunch and the food is kinda wired. some stuff isnt bad but im not hungy at all really. i feel like im gonna be out here forever and im already kinda tired during our meeting and stuff but hopefull ill sleep well tonight. my spanish blows. they tested me and i failed hard. i was under presser and couldnt remember anything. everything was pretty chill till i got to the mtc. everything is alittle overwellming but hopefully ill get use to it. i hear other missionarys talk spanish and it makes me depressed cause i know like nothin. learnin this espanol is gonna be tough. thats sweet about lily and the pillow. ( *Insert from mom: Lily wanted to sleep in Dane's bed that night but we eventually talked her into just sleeping with his pillow!) tell everyone hi. i dont really know what to say but ill most likely be able to email you guys tomorrow and hopefully send you the pic but idk cause the mtc is kinda strict about this stuff. this computer times everyone when they get on for 30 min. its kinda like takin the act. you feel stressed to get everything in the letter. love ya guys!! hopefully ill be able to email you tomorrow! Love elder McDermott

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Pictures at the Airport!

Bags are checked in!

Waiting at the airport

One with Dad

One with Mom
Dane's last kiss!

The D boys!

Tender moment with Calli

Last hug for 3 years!

Our Handsome Missionary!

Dane's plane going to Spain!

Dane leaves for MTC! 
We left for the airport in the morning and got Dane's bags checked on just fine... one suitcase weighed in at 49.5 lbs. and the other at 50 lbs. Whew! It was a tough day and there were alot of tears. It was hard to let someone so wonderful and central to our family go! Graci Ann was our comic relief and told Brady: "No one wants to see you crying like that!" She also informed Dane: "You know you're going to be wearing those clothes tomorrow!" She heard this earlier and repeated it back to us: "If we didn't love each other so much this would be easier!" We are grateful for that Graci girl! We watched Dane go through security (We found out he takes a long time to get his shoes back on) and then we drove out by the golf course south of the airport. We parked the car and went out on the bike trail to take a picture of the airplane he was on. Dane called us when he got to Texas and said he ended up switching seats so a father could sit next to his son and that put him at a window seat and he could see us out the window waving at the plane! He pulled out his camera and took a picture of us! We can't wait to see it! He met up with about 9 other missionaries and they all gathered together and had a prayer and got something to eat before boarding the plane to Madrid. He had 9+ hours of flying and hopefully sleeping before they would arrive in Spain. We are sad and we miss him, yet we are happy to know his adventure as a missionary has begun!